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  1. Tech Discussion
    Wonder if anybody can help I am trying to work out crossply tyre size for the rear of my 32, I have a pair of 16" Austin rims the internal edge of the rim is 3" wide what size can I get on them, cheers Slappy.
  2. Tech Discussion
    Capri 2.8 steering pipes thread size? Anyone know what size the threads are for the 2 pipes that go into the rack from the pump? Cheers Pete
  3. Tech Discussion
    Anyone know what thread a nut for a l86c spark plug is? I mean the main threading which would normally screw into the block. I know it is M14, but it isn't a standard thread size, so does anywhere sell nuts to fit it?
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hi a friend of mine is building a 32 ford , with a 440 chrysler engine from a Jenson , hes using 6x15 wheels all round he want to go narrow on the frount 165.80x15, wider on the rear 255.60x15 radials, has anyone got any idea make of tyre would be ok , Terry .
  5. Tech Discussion
    ..for my 2.9 efi v6...was going to use the in- tank one i have but its too messy...anyone..? how about this one...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Does anyone know what the the thread size is on the fuel needle inlet valve on a 4 barrel holley carb, I have tried unf , and 1/4 32 which is too small. __________________ Adrian
  7. Tech Discussion
    anyone got any idea wot thread and size my wheel studs are on the back of my 1969 gmc truck ????
  8. Tech Discussion
    Can anyone let me know if it would be safe to run a 155/80/15 on a 3.5in rim.
  9. On Topic
    I am restoring a 1970 camaro I have a new roof skin on and 2 new quarter panels but they do not line up can anyone help me with some measurements the quaters line up with the inner skin but the roof is about half inch smaller I need some measurements from the top of the rear window from the...
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  11. Stuff - WANTED
    It would appear that my drink fuelled past has finally caught up with me and I have lost the ability to read a tape measure........I am now looking for a old skool set of alloys for my 81 CHEVY caprice they are 5 on 4 and3/4 " NOT 5 on 5" as previously stated!!please accept the humble...
  12. Tech Discussion
    Hi all first up, apologies if this has already been mentioned already in a previous post...but does anybody out there know what is the largest wheel/tyre size combination i could fit to a 1966 2 dr amazon without any body/suspension mods? Just missed out on a set of wheels & tyres...15''x8''...
  13. Tech Discussion
    What i need to know is will a sigle 3/4 master clyinder be big enough for the folowing brake calipers ? Wilwood Dynalite 4 pots that have 4 x 1.380 diameter pistons and a pair of Citreon xantia front calipers these are the same as the Citreon BX that will be used for rear as they have the built...
  14. Chat
    7.58 @ 191mph @ 3855lbs on stock sup. and radials :eek: Is the air different stateside?
  15. Tech Discussion
    sit up n beg ,just a rough idea ,neet to pick one up and need to know what size trailer to get ,a mate has offered me a 3bike trailer i want to see if it will be big enough,there is no weight to it ,no engine in no doors bonnet grill just a rolling shell,thanks
  16. Tech Discussion
    What size is the thread on the front transverse spring loops where the spring fastens to the crossmember? Is in 7/16"?
  17. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Set of four very rare & unusual size tyres for a BIG Yank. OR....something like a custom Suzuki Vitara ( running 2WD only of course ). OR....Possibly something Big & Japanese ( Fast & Furious style ). Pair of B F Goodrich 265/50x16. Pair of B F Goodrich 295/50x16. Brand new, never fitted &...
  18. Tech Discussion
    A car built with a 15x8 rear wheel. How would I be able to find out what the biggest rim I could change it for, thinking about a 20x8? No good at this building thing so hoping for some easy answers please chaps
  19. On Topic
    Does anyone know the overall size of a 39 truck please. A fellow rodder needs to know if one will fit in the garage. Cheers Rich
  20. Tech Discussion
    I have just purchased a rad as in this thread And would like to know what size would be the best for my car Ford 100e with a mopar 360 motor as I have red that you can go to big and this is as bad as to small. I will have no inner wings on...
1-20 of 25 Results