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  1. Tech Discussion
    Viva HA calipers, hose to caliper thread... Escort rear, hose to wheel cylinder thread... Cheers...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Found this site if it helps anyone..... Cheers Rich
  3. Chat
    I asked in the Wheels Day thread but no answer .... How does Wheels Day compare in size to the other shows in the calendar ? Anyone want to try and rank them in size order ??? I was thinking of attending Spring Nationals, Street Rod Nats, Billing Any others to consider ?
  4. Tech Discussion
    6.5" tr6 steels will 670 x 15" crossplies fit? also will 205's radials fit? scimitar 5.5j" will 695 x 14" crossplies fit and what size radials are best? any opinions/ideas fellas :bigsmile:
  5. Tech Discussion
    Got some 10 x 15 wheels hopefully ( cheers Dez) but need to find some tyres which will make the width stand out, anybody know what the recomended size is on a 10" wheel , and can anyone recommend any suppliers?
  6. Tech Discussion
    hey there im after some tubes for my 600x16 tyres all i can find is sizes 55x16 or landrover tubes at 7.50x16 will either of these be ok? cheers yorkie
1-6 of 6 Results