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  1. Freebies
    My wife has upgraded us to HD and they replace the box and I have the old ones if anyone wants them. Worked well before we changed. :)Wifey just needed something else to spend a few quid on each month!:shake: I'm in South Norfolk.
  2. Chat
    Looks like they have taken on some of Boyds ex employees including everyones favourite Duane. (He was in the trailer for it the other night). :eek:
  3. Chat
    NCIS,with the fit bird...and hemi mopar stuff..old cudas n things..:tup:
  4. On Topic
    Hot rods on sky now 523
  5. Chat
    anyone know what the programe was called where they built a trad style model A? trying to find it on you tube but cant recall the name of the episode!
  6. On Topic
    model a right now, started great at first but i don't like what they might do to it, i maybe wrong.
1-7 of 7 Results