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    just larking around this morning. the ugly one is Jack otherwise known as Redbeard from the scavengers.
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    OH..... the snow's gone...................... Whats next Si ? Easter bunnies ?............. Dave.
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    Ive had another 4" or so over night :tdown:
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    Just sat on the sofa here when I heard a highly revving engine outside. Pug 106 trying to get up the incline outside our house, For some reason, he was reversing up the hill (Front wheel drive??) and nearly made it to the top, but then went sideways. Driven slowly back down now and not been...
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    I know you can !!!
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    A few weeks back I took out a phone contract as my daughters use of her pay as you go made the contract more sense. She's underage so contract is in my name. You guessed it, today she lost it. Sheepishly rang me and said that it fell out of her pocket whilst playing in the snow on the college...
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    There's nowt here :tdown:
1-7 of 7 Results