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  1. The Garage
    Well it could be a rod if you like.. call it what you want, giant pile of poo! its just a post of general interest hopefully... :) Latest build is this 1930s Alvis it was a 4 cyl motor but thats been replaced with a 3 ltre six, shortened chassis drilled rails ad brakes, and 4 barred rear on...
  2. On Topic
    here are some more pics from the past , not shore were they were taken
  3. On Topic
    Have we had this thread before and I missed it ?......if not then I cant believe we have'nt done this yet. So, what is your rod or sod, either on the road or being built ? Mine : Just started building a '32 Ford roadster.
  4. Chat
    got me grandson a new trike for chrimbo... let him try it out. ok it was a bit of a "deal"...but he has not stopped bloody moaning....:roll: kids today!.... Sid.
  5. Chat
    this is my latest achievement of roadgoing something on wheels, hope you like. its up for sale, or nice trade, try me :) pascal
  6. On Topic
    Halloween ...With Nojive 55, Bigjob Battersea Boys' Stew,and Milt and Redmad... Click here >>>> Takes a few Seconds to load ok .......:tup: Bob…….
  7. On Topic
    Who has got what, who is planning on buying one, who has owned one and who couldnt give a monkies... Tell us you stories Show us your cars Come on Get your Cad's out for the lads.......:D Here is mine And I love um :tup:
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  9. The Showroom
    [I know its not a rod but its a little sod.this is my mini ive built and own for some time now it runs a turbo,water/nitrous injected,1380cc produce in around 200bhp.i think its time to put it up for sale to fund my pop project:tup:
  10. The Garage
    1972 victor fd estate , just dragged it screaming out of the garage , the idea is to do the welding it needs , not a lot , engiine swap and try to increase its kerbweight so i can tow my caravan for my holidays in 3 months time. as was. missing its front seats . engine is knackered. the...
1-10 of 10 Results