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    Nope, it's not genetics gone mad but rather a way of sharing in the success of Rods 'n' Sods along with promoting one of the things that links us all together ... ... the clubs. We've had the Tri-Chevy, Tuck Up Squad, Spirit of the 50's reunion area on here more or less from the start but...
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    Rods n Sods Shop Yes a shop is now open.........Only one thing...:!: @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ You into Fishing ........... ......... But We Cod be on to some thing here what you Think You Know this answers a question for me and now I know "Case Closed" Roflmao...
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    Is there such a thing as a Rods 'N' Sods flier? If not can we have some sort of competion to design one? I have noticed that people are wandering around at car shows not knowing who is who. Not until we are on the forum do we realise who was who, but that is only by the cars! I would like to...
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    I got bored so thought I'd have a play at doing a little Rods 'n' Sods video. I've never done one before so it's a bit basic. Anyway, whadaya think?
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    *** Edit by Roadrunna *** Ad removed as we do not allow sales of log books (V5c) without proof of chassis/monocoque on Rods 'n' Sods
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    Hi All, :D When Si originally said about getting T-shirts made for RnS members i made up my mind i wanted to get one for my nephew "LIL JOSH" but try as we might nowhere could we find a toddlers T-shirt in black. :tup: So as a complete opposite i opted for white and Roadrunna put himself out...
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    ok i noticed over on the hamb theres an "alliance" i,m sure ya all know about it, ya get a cool dash plaque, and traders offer various discounts, so my 1st question is to the main man, el landlord,[ROADRUNNA]would it be ,possible?,feasable?, [i,m not too hot on the buisiness stuff,but i know...
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    I think its time that we perhaps had a thread for those looking for Love.:?: I'll start...... Wanted a tall well-built woman with good reputation, who can cook frogs legs, who appreciates a good fuc- schia garden, classic music and tal- king without getting too serious. Interested...
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    will there be any rods n sods t-shirts for sale at wheels day?
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    Added here in case anyone missed the mailout It's that time again. A little note from us at RnS HQ letting you know what's happening and what events are coming up. Firstly, we'll start off with the 09/10 Rods 'n' Sods Model Competition. Only a couple of days left on the voting for this one...
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    Iam pleased to say , we now have a Rods & Sods link from our website :tup:
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    It's time for a serious one. We're almost a year old now and I can honestly say things have gone amazingly. I'm shocked at how well things have turned out, how smoothly it's all flowed and just exactly how much support, pride and general enthusiasm is out there for this place. From all the...
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    Ive just got home and read the Disclaimer sticker on me RnS tee-shirt bag ! :D Very , very Funny ! somebody knows us RnS`ers to well........ I also Picked up my new rust-hole covers ...sorry...RnS stickers as well ,kool , Thanks to Si and crew for your efforts , sorry I couldnt shake...
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    A German guys paints trucks for a living, no wonder transport companies are queuing up to book him.... Have a look this work, fantasic :tup: Here are 5 pictures of European trucks whose trailers are decorated to look like the sides are missing and the products they are hauling are painted on...
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    Hi All, :tup: It looks like the Rods n Sods site could be getting it's 100,000th post today (only 440 posts to go), not bad going for a site that's still not a year old yet. :D Cheers. Russ.
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    Is this the strangest thread on Rods n Sods? or someones Joke ..:?: Read John-E 1st,post I'm sure he thought this was a Fishing Forum I've been so waiting for him to come back in Perhaps he fell in and drowned only joking John-E Please come back.......:tup: >>>>...
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    15inch moon discs like sombreros i bought these in america off a guy who bought them in the early 70s from moon who didnt have any normal moon discs so sold him these prototypes in nice con couple of dings £200 ovno accel distributor £offers 8.8 accel plug leads £offers 8.8 plug leads wire magic...
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    Seeing Bobs post earlier I thought it might be time for a 'Roll Call'. Who out there with a website has a link to us here and Rods 'n' Sods. I know there's ... The Pop Shop - Suppliers of parts & spares for your upright Ford Driven By Desire - Dedicated to all Classic Car owners around the...
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    ......facebook ? only ask as it a good way to promote the site ;);)
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    Anyone else got the Tesco 'T' up in the web address box ? Whats that all about ?
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