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    a few months ago someone asked about a song .in the video they said there was a camaro at the beginning and the band turn into teachers.i v`e just seen it on scuzz. `it`s called stange generation and it`s by dirty americans
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    I'll start [& maybe finish] with Wild Cherry & Play That Funky Music. If I could dance, it'd make me get up every time, but I can't so I don't. Another couple has to be 409 by the Beach Boys & Bad To The Bone by George Thorogood.
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    Hi, been asked to put together a list of songs which are associated with money and currency all over the world, for a quiz. eg. PENNY LANE BEATLES MONEY FOR NOTHING DIRE STAITS MILLION DOLLAR BILL WHITNEY HOUSTON MONEY MONEY MONEY ABBA Anybody got any more...
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    Someone please help me out here, I've got a song rattling around my head that I had years ago, I can't remember who sung it & judging by my hamfisted 'Net searches, I don't know the correct title either! Here's the opening lyrics to hopefully jog someones memory. Beautilful baby with your...
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    as nobody wishes to part with any money , these items have to go for free.i'm moving and don't wish to take this lot overseas. all items have to be picked up from east sussex before wednesday. oldsmobile hei dizzy + control box [tatty but workable] pair jag irs shox radius rods, 17"long [no rod...
1-6 of 7 Results