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  1. What, Where, When ?
    Hi Everyone, We've been trying to get a local monthly meeting in the South Essex area going for a while, that's on a weekend, rather than a week night when those of us that have young children or work late can't make. Finally found a nice venue to hold it at. Free Parking Cafe (doing only...
  2. Chat
    anybody heading down to the a127 diner/ southend tomorrow..if its dry i might take a trip down...jim:tup:
  3. Chat
    just putting this on here to see if anyone is interested. do any of you remember the proper southend cruise nights from way back when??? come to think of it most friday and saturday nights!! well me and my mate were talking a few months back and reckon it should happen again, all it would...
  4. On Topic[email protected]/4337404081/ Its on Facebook, Bobby Jo's 50s Diner its over the road to Sealife, Eastern Esplanade. Open 7 days a week.
  5. Chat
    Just been down to Southend Airport to see what's left of the old B52 diner, and that is completely gone, but a few doors up from where it used to be (right by the Vulcan bomber) there's a new place called the Lancaster cafe/bar,restaurant. Anyone know anything about it? Is it anything to do...
  6. History Archive
    Blast my boots! Do we have to start all over again? Here's the link to the old stuff on t'other forum: Just a couple to start us off..... John Hockley/Wild Ride --- Archie Mcdiarmid from Brighton Lot ---- and myself with Vanilla...
1-6 of 6 Results