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  1. Tech Discussion
    Been trying to sort this out for a week now and to be honest it is doing my nut! :beuj: Got a Rover V8 with Lumenition electronic ignition fitted which last year after being stood for a while fired up without any bother. Ran smoothly up until the point where the coil overheated. Replaced the...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Anyone know what thread a nut for a l86c spark plug is? I mean the main threading which would normally screw into the block. I know it is M14, but it isn't a standard thread size, so does anywhere sell nuts to fit it?
  3. Tech Discussion
    I need to pick a set of plugs up this morning for my 1990's 305 Vortec. Halfords is nearest by far but they don't have the ability to cross-reference plugs from the number on the old plug. What is the modern equivalent car that uses the same plugs? I'm sure one of the Peugeots does but I...
  4. Tech Discussion
    just got a new set of plugs for my 305ci small block chevy/performer manifold dual point etc, what gap would you reccomend 0.35 ? or go a bit wider ? Jack
  5. Tech Discussion
    What plugs would you lot recomend for 289 Hi-po lump? Cheers Mike
1-5 of 5 Results