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  1. Chat
    I know this is a major stumbling block for most who are building to biva spec but what about chopping out a current front screen frame off a modern car or one that you can get the screens with markings on, and grafting it in to your project? Yes i realise that i might be a chore and might look...
  2. On Topic
    I just love military spec parts - they're usually built absolutely regardless of cost. I needed a 2 way fuel tap to operate the reserve on my Fordson tank. The one of choice was a changeover tap from an airweight Land Rover with twin tanks. Unfortunately NOS ones go for about £90 from...
  3. On Topic
    As part of research we ( ACE ) have found a source of made to pattern correctly marked EC43 spec glass . There is a minimum order that will require probably 5 or 6 people to participate. If anyone is interested can they PM me and I'll put you onto the rodder who has found...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Anyone here able to give me the appropriate timing details so I can degree in a Viper Typhoon cam (bought new unused, but without the spec)? Cheers, Gary
  5. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, got the wrong arp bolts :sniff: for my TH350 convertor (it takes summat like 3/8 UNC for some reason) but do have decent, grade 8.8 (6 radial lines on em) bolts to hand. Can I presume they'll be up to it !? (350bhp hopefully! :wanker:). cheers KJ
  6. Tech Discussion
    Got a s/h cam for my BBf, is this good for street or a bit mild? 266°@.050" and .3529" lobe lift on the intake side and 276°@.050" on the exhaust side with 109 seperation Gonna run ported DOVE C heads and a tunnelo ram with dual 650's
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    As fitted to my motor when it came in... Never used *, complete with bolts, 50oz imbalance. Looking for £100.00 or best offer... Can be taken to the NSR* Northern Swap Meet to be collected, or can be shipped at cost... * Mine is an auto...
1-7 of 7 Results