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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi My 56 buick special clutch has issues i read on home town buick tech data the plate should be 10.5 inches but it has an 11 inch in place it was juddering and the reason was its catching the springs on the flywheel bolts Can anyone tell me where to get the correct sized plate ? Thanks
  2. Vehicles - WANTED
    Hi Looking for a prop shaft for a buick special 1956 the rear splines have worn out on mine Thanks for looking Sorry ive posted in the wrong section i cant find a way to delete it
  3. Chat
    Anyone on here have a room they would like to rent for my American daughter? She is 21 and attending university in London and needs some accomodation.She dosent have a lot of money but maybe she could afford 50quid a week.Obviously it will have to be somewhere not to far away from the central...
1-3 of 4 Results