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  1. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    Servicing and repairs, MOT repairs to all models of cars and vans, all body/paint work undertaken. Also specialise in classic and american cars. Contact Stuart on 07967138609 or Matt on 07527457440 Located at Unit 12 Riverside Works Hull Bridge Tickton HU17 9RT For more information visit our...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Ive seen things for a reverse pattern (valve body :?:) but does that reverse the whole gear box or just the forward gears I was wondering if it was possible to swap the forward gears only so instead of R,N,D,2,1 you could have R,N,1,2,D :beuj: Were talking the good old Th350 and maybe the...
  3. Chat
    A very special post has just been made vacant, but the person required has to have very special skills for the job. SPECIALIST SKILLS REQUIRED AS FOLLOWS. 1 Must be Scottish and talk with a dogie accent,also being a tad over weight helps with the dogie ladder. 2 Must be able to balance a...
  4. On Topic
    I'm putting a '71 front nosecone on my '79 Trans-am. Its all fitted, but the bonnet is different. I got a stock '71 bonnet but its rusty & weighs a ton so I'd like to get a fibreglass one made - preferably with a cowl-induction bulge like I had on the '79 one. You can get 'em from the US, but I...
  5. Tech Discussion
    Hi there Having problems with a non-lockup th350... Drops out of gear and only appears to be using 2 gears, don't know if it's skipping 1st, 2nd or not going into 3rd as this is a problem had since I bought the car. It's on a 400ci smallblock and the previous owner assumed it was running a 2...
  6. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    TIMS GASSER CAVE. All American Vehicles Serviced Tuned & Repaired. Engine Rebuilds And Transplants. Fabrication Work. Disc Brake Conversions. Bodywork. Anything From A Military Hummer To a Gasser ! Pick Up And Delivery Service Available. Based in Eweshot Hants. Ring Tim: 07808 121084 .
1-6 of 6 Results