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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    any one got a 100 mm digital speedo
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Has any of you hot rodders got such a thing as a gm 180 speedo,the bit that connects to the gearbox and drives a cable not the electronic one cheers for now
  3. Tech Discussion
    I'm running a mooneyes electronic speedo, but need a sender from a type 9 gearbox. Anyone got any previous experience? Moon say their speedo's need a 16 pulse per second sender..been recommended this, think it may do the job...
  4. Tech Discussion
    my pop has original speedo linked to the auto box of a rover say its inacurate is an understatement!......i have a jag xj series 3 electronic speedo in the shed...can i get an electronic drive to fit the rover box?? looks like only 3 wires to connect.....will a jag drive fit the rover...
  5. Tech Discussion
    does anyone know how to recalibrate a smiths speedo from a moggy i'v read somwhere that u take one apart and adjust the distance between the spinning disc and the magnets is this done by using washers as spacers ?if you move them further apart which way does it adjust the speed i dont want to...
  6. On Topic
    who sells rover speedo cables 1972 3.5 auto.any ideas please.
  7. Tech Discussion
    Calling electrical people. I have a Stewart Warner electronic speedo which is driven by a Hall effect sender. I want to run this off my Nissan 200 SX gearbox which has an electronic sender built in. How do I confirm that the two are compatible as it would be much easier to wire this up than...
  8. Stuff - WANTED
    As title says really, need a type 9 gearbox speedo sender (5 spd if that makes a difference) Ta, tom
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Surely this is the Holy Grail for a rod of a diffrent distinction. This is a white faced speedo and cluster gauge set from a 1930's Hillman Minx a lovely piece of art deco which cost me a small fortune. Quite rare I believe. I once saw one in a 32B and it looked great. A chance to be diffrent...
  10. Tech Discussion
    I have a SW wings electronic speedo that needs to be recalibrated to the wheel / tyre combo that I have. I don't have any info with the speedo and so far have had no luck with emailing Stewart Warner in the States. Does anyone have a "destruction" sheet for the SW speedo or know how to do it ...
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    Looking for a 90mm speedo , one from a kidney bean early 100E dash would be ideal but interested in anything that size .
  12. Stuff - WANTED
  13. Tech Discussion
    Hi everyone, My car again failed the SVA due to the speedo reading lower than my actual speed. I had it specially made by ETB Instrument using the cardboard disc test. I have done this test 6 times now and for each 100 turns of the wheel, the cable turns 82.60 times.They say that equates to...
  14. Tech Discussion
    What speedo cable would i need to fit a Mk2 Zephyr dash to Type 9 Gearbox??or would it have to be custom made?? Cheers Greg
  15. Stuff - WANTED
    Well just the fuel gauge actually but they are a bit delicate to send .
  16. Tech Discussion
    Howdy, got a few issues to look at before the big MOT. Even if they're ok I will still improve them but if allowable this may not happen till after MOT (don't ask). Q1. I got GM single piston floating brake calipers and wondering about UK mot checks for safety locks. The pins that allow...
  17. Stuff - WANTED
    Looking for a flathead banjo speedo cable, also looking for a flathead speedometer
1-17 of 17 Results