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  1. Tech Discussion
    Just put an elec ignition in my Chevy (Rover V8 Buick lump) and when i put my foot on the gas pedal it seems to hesitate/cough until i put my foot harder down then it sound fine? Cleaned out the bowl jets in my Webber 38DGAS carb, which had a large lump of crud in it....any ideas? Cheers
  2. Chat
    just took the plugs out for a clean looks like a clean break, it was a bit awkward to get to,perhaps i should have used a spanner like i did on the other bank. that will teach me for not leaving things alone. Jack
  3. Chat
    did any one watch "rock and chips" last night on BBC 1 ????????? it was a spin off of only fools and horses but when dell was at school and rodney hadnt been born yet !!!!!!!! anyway i might be sad but did any one spot the mirror on the wall ???? who knows what the chrome bits a from ?????
  4. On Topic
    yep , you guessed it , the sun has moved:D
  5. Model Comp Admin Area
    I have got a selection of 10 old 'Popular Hot Rodding' mags which could be used as spot prizes ( best engine, paint, most far out, etc). Any good?
  6. Chat
    Took this pic on holiday last week. I think most people will know where this was taken.
1-6 of 6 Results