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  1. Freebies
    We have a 3 year old Brown Spotted Bengal that we need to rehome as she doesn't get on with one of our other cats. We have her pedigree papers but she's not GCCF registered. She is a very pretty cat with striking markings. You would need to be able to collect her from Bracknell. If you don't...
  2. On Topic
    ... Winton high street this arvo , anybody here ?
  3. On Topic
    . . . at St. Roses School Classic car show, Stroud, Gloucestershire . . .what a lovely motor..:D
  4. Chat
    Spotted heading Northbound on the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road at around 11:30am - a white with green roof '57 Caddy Cpe and at around 4:00pm on the A35 by Totton a fleeting glimpse of a black with red wheels and looked like SBC power... anybody here ?
  5. History Archive
    This pic was taken in Wales Aug '61. Can anybody id what it's made from? Could it be the first Kustom in the UK?
  6. Chat
    ... did anyone else catch a glimpse :D (P.S. it was only a rush job due to my sister giving as much notice as normal :shake:)
  7. Chat
    Spotted this on the Practical Classics site might be of use to someone:tup:
  8. On Topic
    As title, duck egg blue approx '56, shell with some black graffiti on it on the back of a Transit recovery this morning.It looked in good condition , one of the directions it could have been heading was a scrap yard near by !
  9. On Topic
    instead of going and doing any work down the garage today i dragged my lazy arse down to the 1066 show at battle, really enjoyed it, amongst a selection of customs, rods, yanks and classics i spied this, the workmanship is first class, top quality piece of kit... kev
  10. Chat
    Hi All, I was driving back up the A1 on friday afternoon about 20 past 3, when I spotted a really nice looking 55(?) Chevy in a turquiose blue and white towing a caravn southbound. It looked fantastice with it polished wheels (again unsure). Does it belong to anyone on here? Cheers, Stu.
  11. On Topic
    While idly staring out of the office window on heigham street this morning i saw a red oxide rodded 40/41? Willys coupe drive by. No idea if it belongs to someone on here but it looked and sounded brilliant.:tup:
1-12 of 12 Results