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  1. Chat
    hi sqweaka,can you pm a contact number,as i am bringing the 27 body to the swap-meet instead of gary,cheers mate jerry.:happy:
  2. Chat
    Ian you should have a parcel soon,don't tell anyone what it is or they will all want some.
  3. The Garage
    as if i have'nt got enough to do over the winter building my pop for next year. i picked up one of these trollies from work (one of the wheels has fallen off) plans are to join in the fun at next years hotrod hayride and build a soapbox racer, its got 4 solid tyre wheels two of which have a...
  4. Chat
    Hi Si, I have bought a fuel filter from Kustm Jim from this thread, :tup: As per Jim's wishes he has asked me to pay you direct, to that end could you confirm receiving my cheque in this thread (should be in the next couple of days) and...
  5. Chat
    thought i'd share my latest project with you's lightweight teardrop to go behind my T. basic build and will be a painted finish, looking for some small opening widows for it if anyone has a pair? started it on wed here's were im up to, side profile mock up behind the T sides cut and...
  6. Chat
    some of my snaps from the weekend, well done to all who put on a great show,,,,my first like'd this one the best
1-6 of 6 Results