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  1. The Garage
    took this a few months ago the video"s a bit dark for some reason ! engine runs a bit crap and it had been stood about a year but will get it sorted !!
  2. Tech Discussion
    Just been looking through the random vids thread and Toddy has put up a couple of vids at the drags in the title it says 10.5 is that tyre width and secondly they seem to be running only half track Am i losing the plot ? Can anyone out there in RnS world able to put up some different classes...
  3. Chat
    Ok I know I'm a bit late, but got the 32 out today, started it up, let it run for a while, washed it, went round the block, Cover off the 55 and took it down to the garage and filled up. Bring on the nice weather......................................
  4. Chat
    Just bought this. My 18 month old grandson's first 'hot rod'. Pink, not really a boy's colour is it? :shake: So, the plan is to spray it satin black, a red tuck 'n' roll seat and red steels with whitewalls. Hopefully he'll be able to park next to grandad's rod at some of this years gatherings. :tup:
  5. Chat
    this is what we woke up to:tup: most of this is since 8.30 am today .. anyone else got snow.. steve
  6. Vehicles - FOR SALE
  7. On Topic
    As some of you may know, I recently took back possession of my old FED which was based on two historic cars, Sids Destiny 1 and Whitmore's Drag N Fly. The chassis is from Destiny and the engine from Drag N Fly. Anyway, cutting a long story short, the engine hasn't ben run properly for a...
  8. Model Comp Admin Area
    Whaddya think ? Stick with the 1st December or wait til after christmas so maybe some people can put models down on their wish list (don't we all :incheek:)
  9. On Topic
    Truck ran out of fuel again today ( no gauge and a big thirst at the moment while awaiting its new carb ) :tdown: Topped it up with the gallon I carry ,up to the petrol station 100 yards away ( YES ,REALLY!!) and then drive 1/4 mile home...all good . So the recalibrated fuel gauge and new...
  10. The Garage
    Made a start on my 100e chassis today. Started doing the front main rails that I have made a kick up to get the front of the car a bit lower here are a few pics :tup:
1-10 of 10 Results