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    hi all, as some of you might know,i'm looking for some wheels for my parisienne, well i've found some nice sets for her in california,the dealer is happy to send to the uk (which surprised me), & have quoted $350 for shipping which i did'nt think was too shocking for a complete set of wheels...
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    hi there ive been looking for a car over here, but now thinking of importing from states...ive enquired about shipping from rybec,,,very helpful...just gotta find a car now..any tips where to look, ive looked on and old rides it true you can drive car from port if you say the...
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    Wasn't there someone on here who had regular imports coming in ? Looking to order something from the US and was wondering if it'd be any cheaper than the companies own postage quote ?
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    well we started in san fran and slowly got to LA but went to place's inbetween. Would have loved to do alot more car stuff but our family members not that keen on that haha so here we go.... san fran. Didn't see any rods at all but took in good bands etc... moved on to burbank and visited...
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    hi all seen a period stove to go in our travel trailer on ebay, its about 2ft square, not sure of weight, but seller has said its $548 to ship to u.k, guessing this is for air, hes been really helpfull so far so dont want to give him to much hassle, but can anyone give me any ideas for...
  6. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Just doesn't get better than this :rule: PERFECT :tup:
1-6 of 6 Results