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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Genuine 1929 Ford Model A Steering Wheel In very good condition for its age. SOLD
  2. Tech Discussion
    I have just swapped the manual steering box on my 56 chevy with a power steering kit. The nut on the output shaft where the pitman arm fits is supposed to tightened to 225 -250 ft/lbs. My torque wrench only goes upto 175 ft/lbs. Should I spend £100 on another torque wrench I may hardly use again...
  3. Tech Discussion
    I need to get the power steering box off a Plymouth Volare (clip fitted to my truck) rebuilt. Does anyone know where I can get it rebuilt in the Uk? Would also be useful to know what other cars share the same box. Cheers BB
  4. On Topic
    Everytime it is wet, which in the uk is quite often, my steering wheel gets all sticky. Could be glue or sweat from my hands. How do I get rid of it? Dont want to get a new wheel. thanks
  5. Tech Discussion
    I've got a cortina steering column to use with my IFS. looked at portland pops biva build thread and he has used the same, great thinks me. How wrong can I be his uses a shaft that is 19 mm across, mine is only 16mm across. We are both using the triangular ends to the column and using part of...
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Reconditioned about 3 years ago but only used for about 6 months then car taken off road. £40 + P&P or collect. Call IAN 07808202232 after 2pm or text anytime and I`ll call back after 2pm. Thanks :D
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    I'm after a deep dish steering wheel, preferably between 10 & 12" diameter and over 3.1/2" deep. Can anyone help please.
  8. Tech Discussion
    :beuj:on my daily driver- vauxhall vectra sri 2007 plate.I turn the steering and the head lights dim?what causes this to happen.also the information screen goes off and on when it feels like it. any ideas. thanks.
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    Model A relevant parts wanted for tightest budget build you can imagine. Particularly front suspension parts, open-minded as to what setup. Mail me if you have anything reasonably priced or ring or text 0776-20-400-99 Andrew.
  10. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi all, Has anyone got a Steering Wheel in a Non-Standard Stylie which will fit a 1984/5 Bedford CF2 SWB Van ?. Or, if not, any idea where I might find one ?. Dave. :tup:
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    I'm looking for a column shift steering column, to fit my '54 AD Chevy pick up, with a ZFHP22 4sp automatic fitted. So needs to have PRND123 positions, obviously.:incheek: Suggestions on possible fitments would be great.:tup:
  12. Tech Discussion
    Can you help ? My truck's got the running gear from a '77, plus an older Goodwrench motor. It came to me with old ramhorn manifolds (which have now been replaced by headers) and the p/s/pump was mounted on bodged bracketry. I've seen aftermarket brackets to use with headers, but anyone know...
  13. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted, Les Leston steering wheel boss kit. 4 bolt type. pretty much doesn't matter what it fits, I just whant to sell my woodrim wheel complete for a vehicle. PM me if you can help? Tony
  14. Stuff - WANTED
    Pair of slim UJs wanted. Preferably with at least one end to fit a UK Ford splined shaft. Or, where I can buy some that are a bit more 'economy' than Flaming River! Ta, Lee.
  15. Stuff - WANTED
    Looking for a steering box for my FED project, anything suitable about?
  16. Tech Discussion
    Im having trouble finding how to get the steering right on my T. Ive got a pair of steering arms on the bottom and a hoop at the top of my spindels that will have a bar coming from the steering box. The big problem is my car is having coilovers on and they sit right in the middle of where my...
  17. Stuff - WANTED
  18. On Topic
    Hi,sorry for all the questions on other threads but should be getting my 1955 F250 the weekend and this is my 1st yank so im new to all this but looking forward to it,anyway i want to change the standard steering wheel to a smaller one,can anybody tell me where i can get a boss to fit and how...
  19. Tech Discussion
    Capri 2.8 steering pipes thread size? Anyone know what size the threads are for the 2 pipes that go into the rack from the pump? Cheers Pete
  20. Tech Discussion
    hi everyone. i have finally gone and fitted the 3" drop axle and took it for a test ride 9 pm last night. found out with 2" drop on rod ends you have to re set toe in as i nearly parked in next door neighbours shed side ways on. got that fixed tonight yahoo straight as a die but still have...
1-20 of 105 Results