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    Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle ? Cheers :tup:
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    Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle ? Cheers :tup:
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    Didn't do anything with my Camaro yesterday but I did do some stuff to my mate Darrans recently acquired '67 Mercury Cougar. It was a bit of a plain jane in just white, so I added some Trans Am inspired graphics & painted the hood with a satin black stripe. Not bad for 3 1/2 hours work, what a...
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    Does anybody know if there is any rods 'n' sods stickers, if so how do you get them and how much ???? Cheers !
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    Stickers, you seem to accumulate sh*t loads of them over the years from the numerous parts you buy, so what do you do? you cant help it, you have to like me plaster all your tool boxes, garage doors and welders with them, had this Snap-on Mig since about 1985, check out some of the dates...
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    See here for details ....
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    Slightly odd request, but here goes. My car has been built in the style of a 60's high school car. The sort of car that dad passed onto his son when he got a new car. Son then lowered it, fitted some decent wheels & generally drove the tyres off it while using it to travel to high school...
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    Tri Chevy Club Badges and Stickers , Stickers produced exactly as they were in the late 70's and neat pin badges . Two stickers and one badge for £7.00 or £7.50 posted . PS I'm not a trader just a Tri Chevy club member from the old days PM me if you need a set . Thanks. :bigsmile:
1-8 of 8 Results