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  1. National Street Car Challenge (NSCC)
    Another clean sweep at the Bowling Green Cruise in Lichfield last night, HRG2, 3 and 4 cleaning up another 300 points! For the first time in NSCC history there is not only a clear leader at this point in the season, but one with a massive lead! Can anybody stop James Murray???? I'm off to the...
  2. On Topic
    Continuing on my journey around Southern California , the next stop was the so Cal Speed Shop, Everyone that likes Hot rods should make a trip to this place
  3. Tech Discussion
    I've got an Edelbrock 1405 carb and when the engine is running, petrol slowly drips out of where the throttle rod goes into the carb. I've taken the rod out assuming that there would be a duff seal but there isn't a seal at all! What do I do now? The rods wobbles slightly in the hole which I...
  4. Tech Discussion
    i have built my a35 van ,it has rack steering [fiat checichento ]only thing i could find to fit fiesta front legs and hubs but on the wrong way round [left on right & right on left ] to get the rack at the front. but it has very bad bump steer and follows lorry ruts. how can i stop this ?
  5. Tech Discussion
    Looking to plumb my PCV into the valley of my inlet manifold to keep the nice shiny rocker covers hole free. Question is what can I use to stop oil being splashed up into the PCV inlet? Was thinking about using a road draft canister as fitted on the early SBC but can't find one. Failing that...
  6. On Topic
    For the first time today the Vicky moved under its own power up and down the drive and boy did it feel great! 8) So next years goal of actually getting it road legal and to a show or two feels more like a reality now as I know that everything is working as it should do! :D Anyone else achieve...
  7. Tech Discussion
    What do you guys use for bump stop on the Jaguar rear axle? The axle hubs are just outside my frame. I'm planning to do a bump stop on the outside of the frame rail that will hit the top of the hubs. To reduce the impact forces on the hub I would like some kind of wide rubber piece bump stop...
  8. Chat that just had to hurt! :tup:
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    I need a couple of stop and tail light bulb holders for a late sixties early seventies GM (chevy). I think they are all fairly similar. Thanks Nigel
  10. Tech Features
    Brake light indicators To use your stop lights as indicators just follow along. Bits to buy; 1x 3 pole flasher unit (halfords hfu204) around £4, 2x schrack mt221012 breaker units (rs components ( £6.04 plus vat and p+p each 2x schrack mt78755 bases for above £2.74 plus each, Rolls of...
1-10 of 10 Results