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  1. Tech Discussion
    stupid question from a women but i need to know why... ive got a stock zephyr and 9 times out of ten when i depress the clutch the pedal stays down but clutch plate is released so i have to flick it back up wi me size 4 feet, is this just a case of adjusting the pedal or something more serious...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    :shake: i know i know, i need one of these for my first car there all i can really afford (im 17) so anything, any mk1 fiesta, in london,kent,essex,surrey/sussex area please may travel that bit further for a good'un but let me know what you got and if you can help me out, pm me on here or give...
  3. Tech Discussion
    being the sad type i am :shake: i downloaded the biva regs and have been having a look through them and a few stupid thoughts crossed my mind (not a long journey) i may be wrong (almost definitely) but a few people seem to have concerns over glass and it needing to be appropriately marked from...
  4. Tech Discussion
    After looking at a thread where the owner is boring an engine +30 on a 454 if it would make a lot of difference and what sort of power hed get with the 468 with a blower Would you say that the compression ratio on his 468 be too high for his blower on the street (if he ever drives it on the...
  5. On Topic
    OK weve all done dumb ass things,some unwitinly,some through ignorance,some through sheer kick things off ill admit to a personal fuck up, and the best one i ever read about When apprenticed (15 yr old) in A Ford dealer we used to have to weld/braze McPherson top strut plates on...
  6. Tech Discussion
    stupid question but how can I tell if a coil is ballast resisted or not.
  7. Tech Discussion
    how can you tell a 10 bolt chevy from a 12 bolt please dont laugh Guy
1-7 of 7 Results