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  1. What, Where, When ?
    Hi All, Colin and Sue (colchevytruck and SMA37 on the NSRA site) started this meet a couple of months back. I made the August meet, there were about 15 cars which was a 50% increase on the July meet. (Trucks, Rods, and Saloons) THE VENUE : OK AMERICAN DINER on the A1 northbound approx 4...
  2. On Topic
    I like this event as it captures the RnS atmosphere in real life, good food too.
  3. Chat
    I heard there is another meet at the pub this Sunday 12th September. Is anyone going?
  4. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Afew Tri Chevies at Nats Sunday:tup:
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    There were some "awesome" bikes at the Nats too, here's just a small selection. I couldn't get decent pics of a lot of them due to the crowds round them!!
  6. What, Where, When ?
    Anyone going to either of these events, or have been to one in the past and if so which is the best one to go to, shame they are both on the same day as I would like to go to both. Rgds Gary Little Havens Track Day Online Booking Form Date: 6 September 2009 Time: 10.30 Venue: Ford, Dunton...
  7. Chat
    Hi guys just found out about this may be some interest to some of you fordsport south west day at the beach lawns weston supermare sunday 30th august not sure if its a turn up on day or not cheers paul
  8. On Topic
    Anyone know what time gate opens for Sunday cars ? Cheers Ken. p.s. At the Nats.
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  10. What, Where, When ?
    A few of us from Surrey / South London are having a run to Brighton on Sunday September 6th. The first meeting point will be at Costa Coffee (old Little Chef ) on the A23 Brighton Road, just before the junction with the M23 heading south, this will be to leave at 2pm. For those that will be...
  11. Chat type in your command, who'll find the best word?;)
  12. What, Where, When ?
    ..yes indeed, next Sunday, August 16th, 10am onwards, Krispy Kreme, Shannon Corner, New Malden, Surrey, 15 minutes up the A3 from the M25, for hot rods, doughnuts and coffee...
  13. Chat
    1st sunday,?? I have seen several pops headed by a 300E out for a drive in the Hemel/Berko area, its the second time I have seen the convoy, possibly, on the 1st sunday last month, heading out towards Aylesbury, is there a sunday meet on around this area????
  14. Chat
    With all the mud slinging going on , on both forums , at the mo , I happened upon this : :slap: " Better to remain silent and thought to be dumb, than to speak and prove it! " Thanks Si, for your all your hard work @ rods-n-sods ! :D
  15. What, Where, When ?
    Swindon's first lazy sunday 2nd August 09, Open to all Rods/classic Americans/Classics/ Custom Bikes. From 1200 hrs onwards, Big Bbq provided just bring your own food, Sharpes Farm Stables, The Marsh, Lower Wanborough, SN4 0AR, 1.5 Miles J15 M4 Tel Darron on 07770 722212 Email...
  16. What, Where, When ?
    How the hell is it nearly August already?? Anyway, it's the Butty Run at the Diner in Long Itchington, near Southam this Sunday. 10:00am onwards. Who's going to get the waitress's choice trophy this month then?
  17. What, Where, When ?
    anyone from the west london area going? about 10 cars so far meeting ace cafe 9ish for breaky, leaving at 10.
  18. What, Where, When ?
    ...yes indeed, next Sunday, July 19th, 10 am onwards, Krispy Kreme, Shannon Corner, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4NA, 15 minutes north of the M25 up the A3, for hot rods, coffee and doughnuts...!
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    Just like to say thanks to Scottie and Gina for a great show today over at the Lamb pub at Theale,good to meet up with a few old faces (Chris :finger::D) I'll post some pic's up later
  20. What, Where, When ?
    I have been contacted by the organisers of Addicombe Carnival in Croydon to see if any American Cars/Hot Rods would like to take part in the event. I have already warned...