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    is it correct that its only nsra members at the event this year??
  2. History Archive
    Hi All, :D Some pictures from Knebworth pretty sure they are 1982 may be a little later, but i dont think so (definately no earlier). If anyone knows for sure which year post it up please. Some pics were taken with my ex wife's instamatic (110 i think), and some are with a 35mm so the quality...
  3. On Topic
    had a great weekend see pics here
  4. On Topic
    Hi guys, been going to runs now for about 35 years, and in that time i don't think i've seen a worse design of event t-shirt than this years supernats shirts. I saw that NSRA were doing deals on multi purchases, to get people to buy them, normally they are sold out by lunchtime sunday. Must say...
  5. On Topic
    Highlights for me, first one getting there on the first major trip out for the truck .It only took 6.5 hours to do 130 miles ...damn M25, loads of new cars broken down by the side of the road though. Seeing Paul Kennedys beaming smile ,always a welcome sight Seeing Chris Eames newly finished...
1-5 of 5 Results