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    Now sorted.
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    Following the destruction of one of the (new! :sniff:) silencers on the Chevy I need to source a replacement. Where does them, listing them by size (ie. inlet/outlet diameter & overall length)?
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    hi all, i'am hunting for some new wheels & rubber for my new toy:D & was wondering who to go to for them:?: due to the wide rear end on my pontiac i really need deep dish rears 10/12x15 & 7/8x15 front the reason i'm asking is i dont really know what will suit the old girl as most of...
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    Other then building something from stamped rails made in the USA, is anyone making a '32 frame/chassis in the UK ?
  5. Tech Discussion
    I'm not having any joy on Googles so does anyone know of a pulley supplier for V 2 inch diameter, 1/2 bore ?
  6. On Topic
    Interested in finding out some prices on Simpson and Diest race and safety gear. Can anyone point me in the right direction??? Cheapest place to buy??? Worth buying outside of UK??? Cheers Dan:tup:
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    Can anyone give me an idea of rod body suppliers still active? Been trawling through years' worth of old CC & SM mags & am now mentally planning a project (or 2 ;) ) & finding info on suppliers a bit thin on the ground. (Talking glass btw) Am aware of: Markham Street Rods (interested in their...
  8. Chat
    OK, I got two bunches of stuff on order (consumable type stuff), one from a very big name supplier (both UK). Paid a deposit to one and the full amount to the other. :sniff: Been two friggin months now for both of em. OK I need the stuff so don't wanna blow the orders out but I'm bored now as...
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    I am looking for a supplier for some Volvo wheel studs (for a friend). He wants some 10mm longer than standard. Anyone know where I/he can find some? Thanks
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    i was wondering if it would be a good idea if we had a recomended suppliers list, commpany,s we have all used, a bit like a yellow pages for rods yanks etc, it may be good as a stiky, we could may be have one for companys that you would,nt reccomend as well dont no about legelity of the later...
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    In need of a trim supplier for door window rubbers on my (late, don't ask:incheek:) truck. Can anyone recommend one or some UK suppliers of US window/rubber trims? Found some stateside but for the cost it may work out the same getting some over here? It's getting to the point where a bad bump...
1-11 of 11 Results