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    Hi Guys With reference to the SVA test have you seen the new Morgan 3 wheeler? It has many of the attributes of a hot rod. Have a look at the Morgan web site and the pictures of this reconstituted Moggie. Looking at the front aspect and the interior may give many rodders hope as Morgan must have...
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    hay can any one tell what hapins at a sva test? i have just been informed that i have to reregister my pop thanks to sum :wanker: that owned it 2 years ago and it will get issued with a q plate as its been heavily modified, it has a jago chassis, 283 sbc, jag rear end and viva front, if sum one...
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    Hi All, I have been offered a Trumpet Herald chassis with engine and running gear, if I was to fit a fibreglass body would it need to go through SVA, BIVA or what ever it is called these days? Or could I get away with a body swap? Cheers, Stu.
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    I realise that the oxford will have to undergo one of the above tests, just been looking on dvla web site but a bit confused , any one make things a bit more clearer for me , do i just send off my log book with the new engine size and they keep the log book until it is tested ? what kind of...
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    Hey All, I finally passed the SVA today at the 3rd attempt. 1st fail was 26 items, 2nd fail was my speedo and side mirror which couldn't be tested the 1st time because the car broke down, so I'm the proud owner of a Ministers Approval Certificate. Hurray. Thanks to everyone who gave me...
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    I have read as much as I can on the SVA and perhaps I'm a bit thick but it is quite hard to understand (still cant answer my question) I have imported a '67 VW Splitty from the states that is a basket case and needs a full resto (see my sig). In order to register it, I need to MOT it first...
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    Some bedtime reading from complete kit car about the change to SVA and an article on a kit car going through the test.
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    Just been slowly plodding thru the SVA manual (it's a laff a minute read....) and i wanted to float a few idea's past the forum....... lets use a late sixties/early seventies brit sports car for this example, one with a separate body/chassis, and tax free to boot! 1/ the chassis cannot be...
1-9 of 9 Results