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  1. On Topic
    I've been looking for an adjustable 0-15psi normally open Hobbs style switch. I bought one a little while back but damned if I can remember where from ? It certainly wasn't one of the overpriced turbo only set up ones I've found. Any ideas on a source ?
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    wanted steering colomn switch gear for mk5 cortina i.e "stalks" for horn/wipers/lights etc
  3. Tech Discussion
    how do you wire one of these up. i've only ever seen switches with 2 wires
  4. Tech Discussion
    When i was running the rover engine in the consul i changed the standard thermostat housing for the air conditioning one as it had a threaded hole for the air con sender which just happened to be the same thread and dia as a ford electric fan switch I ve just been looking on the bay and came...
1-4 of 4 Results