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  1. Tech Discussion
    Im needing my tank modified But before i jump in and start .................... paying for it to be done Is there any way i can do it myself with a cork gasket ? or Is there a ford model that i could find a tank for which would fit ? I need to move the tank to the middle of the boot area...
  2. On Topic
    looks like they have a few of em :smoke:
  3. Tech Features
    making a petrol tank. started ally welding about a week ago so figured id start with the easy things first. appologies if the welding looks a bit iffy find suitable space measure up or make a side template out card. transfer onto ally bead if you want. now if you work alone you need 3...
  4. Tech Discussion
    would like to put one on my car. would it need a rad cap on or can you just use a normal type screw cap. thanks
1-4 of 4 Results