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  1. Chat
    This customer has flamed and pinstriped legs from me, (note to self to find photos) and today I started on his arms. Unfortunately he already has rather a lot of other black stuff on there but at least I found a decent size gap to squeeze her into....hope you like her :tup: (Without added...
  2. Chat
    Aswell as cars, one of my other big passions is tattoos. I decided to combine the 2 together. I had this tattoo done about 3 years ago, the design is by Vince Ray (i love his stuff) and the tattoo was done by Jeff Ortega at Evil From The Needle. I had it done at the London Tattoo Convention and...
  3. What, Where, When ?
    The 2010 Rock & Blues Custom Show is proud to introduce its all new Kustom Kulture Arena, at this years event we will be introducing (along with our regular Custom Bike/Trike Show) A Custom Hot Rod Category as well as a Custom Scooter Category, each category will have a "Best In Show" Prize...
  4. Chat
    Something I have been interested in for years , I had my first done a couple of years ago , and will be showing you some flames later , that Iam having done.
1-4 of 4 Results