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    Anyone out there on Facebook can now sign up as a fan & follow the build up of our 1968 Dodge Super Bee race car. Type BEELZEBOB into the FB search box. We have a fans cars album, you can email any pics of your current or old rides 7 i will put them on, Also tell us any car related tales in the...
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    Theres some great old dragracing footage appearing lately on the UKDRN site- check it out :tup:....
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    anyone on facebook come and join our race car fan page. type "beelzebob" into the search box at top right of your FB page.
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    Andy frost has just released his new team colours for 2011. also avaliable in red,meets all S.F.I. regs.:tup:
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    The Ferrari F1 team fired their entire pit crew yesterday. The announcement followed Ferrari's decision to take advantage of the British Government's 'Work for your Dole' scheme and employ some Liverpudlian youngsters. The decision to hire them was brought about by a recent documentary on how...
1-7 of 7 Results