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    I re-tuned my freeview box on wednesday (Granada/ north west region) and since then I'm getting Welsh region BBC1 and 2. I tried just re-setting everything again but it's still the same. Does anybody know how I can get the Beeb channels for the right region? The ITV channel is OK. The freeview...
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    Dont know what the prog was, only cought it by chance, Interesting......... Do we have to dof our caps to Andy now?
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    Documentary about Bonneville called Speed Capital of the World is on Discovery Turbo this afternoon at 3pm.
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    monday 4th may channel 5 at 8pm the gadget show.........blatantly poached from elsewhere.....but i think the guy is on here as well.:incheek:
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    The Gadget show this coming Monday (4th May) and Ian (with our mate Swamp as ballast boy) in a Pop and an A.....playing silly buggers at Shakey while a bunch of grubby students film us from a bus....See why I needed new tyres....see just how slippy the track can get....and see just how blue...
1-5 of 5 Results