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  1. What, Where, When ?
    Test n Tune (run what ya brung) Sunday May 9th Other dates for 2010-June 13th and Sep 5th more info here...
  2. Licensing and Legal section
    As many of you know I too the Coupe for its BIVA test today at Taunton. Kris and I worked some hours over the weekend and finished about 9 on Sunday, we still had a few things that we were not happy with but the tight schedule was to get the car tested by the end of March before the exemption...
  3. Tech Discussion
    hay can any one tell what hapins at a sva test? i have just been informed that i have to reregister my pop thanks to sum :wanker: that owned it 2 years ago and it will get issued with a q plate as its been heavily modified, it has a jago chassis, 283 sbc, jag rear end and viva front, if sum one...
  4. Chat
    Right see if you can do this..... Stare at the plane for twenty seconds then scroll down....... and stare at the parrot for another ten seconds. if you can do it youve passed the test.... / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / Bet ya failed..................:pmsl:
  5. Chat
    I would like to know if anybody else screamed as much as I did on Test Track? :cool:
  6. Model Comp Admin Area
  7. Chat
    This test can predict your all-time most-watched film. Mine was "Saving Private Ryan". Try it without looking at the answers. It's easy and really works: Pick a number from 1 - 9. Multiply by 3. Add 3. Multiply that by 3. Add those two digits together. Use that number to find your all...
  8. On Topic
  9. Tech Discussion
    If I build a car from scratch with all new parts but with a Fibreglass body how easy is it to get it through an IVA test what do they look for etc, if the car is professionally build will this help ? All answers appreciated, please don't get to technical Thanks
  10. Tech Discussion
    hi, has any one had to get an sva or a svi ?? test done on there modified pop? i'm thinking i might have to get one done and just wonderd what the crack is with having a boxe'd chassis, 283 sbc, viva front, jag rear, shoddy interior etc, if its gona be a huge hassle i might sell the car for...
  11. Chat
    just stole this from another forum, have a go - not as easy as it looks !!! :)
  12. Chat
    19 year old lady took out a VY HSV Clubsport (RED of course) for a test drive from Bundoora Holden in Victoria Australia . On the drive back to the dealer she gave a little too much gas around the last corner before the Dealership, lost control of the car, mounted the curb and flew10 meters...
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    here' a game i played with as a kid...who else had this
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    just testing
  15. Chat
    Waste of a lovely car.
  16. Chat
    Leading on from that 'Tailgating' thread here's a tell tale on-line test on the GM TV site! My Result: You stand up against other aggressive drivers and are happy to take...
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    ...of cars
  18. Chat
    You realise how big that fellas balls are when you see the final result. :shock:
1-19 of 22 Results