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    One of the many cars I'ev mangaed to break this week is Marians Figaro. :tdown: I had to do a brake overhaul followed by fitting new plugs ( started straight away ) and then rotor ,cap and leads at which point it refused to restart. I refitted all the old stuff and it still wouldn't start ...
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    Popped along with DaveB328 to the test day. Bloody cold and a bit damp, but some interesting cars showed up. Dave hiding his face, but proudly wore his firms hoody! Fresh rolled arches allowed him to fit 325,s. Turned out they didn't smell of bullshit at all! . This Anglia was so right. . As...
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    Testing to see if I can put pic's on as I am useless with these computer thingy's. So does it work?
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    Just Testing Avatar it worked
1-5 of 5 Results