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  1. Tech Discussion
    Can any one tell me the theory etc for bending tube. I want to bend a piece of 22mm tube by 11 degrees and want to know if the pipe will stretch when I do this. I know there is an equation when you bend flat sheet/bar metal so am hoping someone will be able to advise me. The reason being I want...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Hi, after reading another thread about radiator set up and puke/expansion tanks. I got to wondering why my rad doesn't have the old school tank along the top and bottoms? Is it just that modern rads are made for cars with lower frontage so it's purely a 'there's more width than height'...
  3. Tech Discussion
    I have been reading alot of threads really about building chassis' for Rods and they make the suspension look very easy indeed. I have got a lot of decent books on the theory but there is still something that I cant visualise/understand and its driving me mad. That is the following- How does...
1-3 of 3 Results