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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Christ knows what the actual name for these are, but i need the thing that holds the windscreen in on a pop, goes on the flange (whatever you wanna call it :beuj: ) just above the screen. Thanks in advance, Tom
  2. Chat
    Got called in for a last minute jaunt round Europe on Monday (I'm writing this in Berlin) and wound up with about 4 hours to pack and get myself from Norwich to Rye to hop on a bus , not funny when its a 3.5 hour run on a good day and I was in Lowestoft when the call came :tdown: So there I am...
  3. Chat
    after reading queen best band ever i thought about the best thing that has happened to the music scene in my lifetime. in my opinion the best thing that happened to music was in 1976,the birth of punk rock.up until then the music scene was bland and too comercial,groups like mud...
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    its a unfinshed pro street project we got for the rear axle and wheels , theres two good glass front wings, two good front doors complete , boot lid,glass bonnet and scoop,all the glass , front panel, back lights etc call for details thanks 07791316913 or 01613719983 durin the week
  5. Chat
    I've just sussed the most ridiculous thing I own is probably the Boomarang my Mum and Dad brought me back from the country that's synonymous with Boomerangs; yes, America... It's got Niagra Falls written right across it.... Now proudly on the wall of my office. I may well move it so it's next...
  6. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Every thing you want to know on Two Lane Black Top Just in case you ant seen it ….. James Taylor back in the seat…….. Click Here >>> Bob….:tup:
  7. Chat
    My mate sent me this picture earlier today and I felt that I should share it with you all
  8. Chat
    had a few decent things, especially transformers 2 on dvd [quality] oh and sir ranulph finnes book on lessons learnt from a lifetime of exploration, how inspirational is that man? but the book tom got me (thomas harris on here) a history of british drag racing was just the best, ok i know the...
  9. Chat
    While doing a bit of research about the extra displacment gained for a +30 rebore i found this on a site foe push bikes so thought id post it Do their figures work out correct ????
  10. Freebies
    you know them things to pump oil into your gearbox.... old thing, needs a bit of fettling to make good but might be of use for someone as a display piece etc, or to use as its purpose?. stands about 2ft tall, round, and has the remains of "esso" stickers on it. any use?.... again religion...
  11. The Showroom
    Ok so I think I have got this thing for Corsairs, I will get over it one day My Green 65 Two Door My Estate under rebuild at present, far to much welding needed My Red 64 Two Door
  12. The Garage
    Me and my helper Adam are rebuilding this chevy truck, it was very rusty and we are haveing to replace alot of the chassis and bodywork, Its a budget build so were trying to use what we have,
  13. On Topic
    i have done a few mods to my volvo but in my eyes it still looked a bit short/ today i messed about the chrome strip down the side and extended it so it runs to end of front/rear wings.i think it makes car look a lot better
  14. Tech Discussion
    Hi, got a new k*tcar fusebox module thing going in soon. It has all the items neatly itemised out like Wipers, Flashers, Fans, Horns etc. Thing is on my old Consul it looks like everything went thru the ignition switch presumably with inline fuses!?. (actually there was only a couple of...
1-14 of 14 Results