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    christ.. is it me or is santa pod gettin exspensive??? for me and my daughter to go for 2 days including grandstand will set me back 85 quid now i know what you will say dont get a grandstand seat, well i have allways done so and my daughter gets to see more of the racing being up higher and...
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    Just found this again and it made me smile
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    I have one spare ticket for tomorrow (FRI). Can be collected from me before 5.30pm today, or at the gate tomorrow. Would appreciate a donation which will be given to the MacMillan Cancer Charity. Call me on 0794 157 1354. ****
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    Well, at least according to your mate and mine, good old Bernie Ecclestone. Now don't fret, our man hasn't had a change of heart and decided to give up being a greedy capitalist with a penchant for only creating new races in dictatorships, and sudddenyly become all benevolent. No, his own...