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    I suppose it's kind of a mix between a competition and a game really. Either way I think it can turn into a bit of a laugh :D The idea is simple. Find something on Ebay that has a Buy it Now price of £20 or less and post the link to the item on here. Along with the link you'll need to put a...
  2. On Topic
    Here are photos of our first, lunch time meeting. - Thanks
  3. History Archive
    if you could turn back time what car would you liked to have now and not sold on? mine would be this old 32 coupe,originaly built by Jamie masserati
  4. On Topic
    just got my renewal in,44 year old,54 caddy coupe deville,161.00,thats with footman james on a 1500 mile limit,i live in the country but my postcode is paisley. i think its a bit xpensive,what you think? i'll try anybody apart from adrian flux last year when the person(wanker)was taking my call...
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    Came across this link to a Flikr page on the Chevytalk site. How long will it take you to get it.....[email protected]/sets/72157604247242338/show/with/2346008881/ P.:D
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    See how you do...
  7. On Topic
    Crikey, the race season has come back so quickly, I've still got loads of jobs to do. Engines at John Sleaths being rebuilt tougher than before, the new nitrous system needs plumbing. I haven't even started on the wagon yet, which needs an MOT, painting and the interior sorting. The slingshot...
  8. Stuff - WANTED
    It would appear that my drink fuelled past has finally caught up with me and I have lost the ability to read a tape measure........I am now looking for a old skool set of alloys for my 81 CHEVY caprice they are 5 on 4 and3/4 " NOT 5 on 5" as previously stated!!please accept the humble...
  9. On Topic
    Have you ever realised how long you have been driving and what distance you have covered ? The car Iam using at the minute has a more intricate on-board computer than before. After playing with it for a while , I set some parameters. I set off to work yesterday morning , 13 miles, did a bit...
  10. Tech Discussion
    After looking at a thread where the owner is boring an engine +30 on a 454 if it would make a lot of difference and what sort of power hed get with the 468 with a blower Would you say that the compression ratio on his 468 be too high for his blower on the street (if he ever drives it on the...
  11. The Garage
    As some may remember from the dark side, at the 2008 HRD's we decided to build a HRD Special because Mark Bull had a £70 Morris Minor and I had a £200 SBC I bought years ago when living in Guernsey. Mark's neighbour Fireman Dave has been infected with the Hotrod bug by Mark and said he'd be in...
  12. Chat
    The toy cars at the start of this clip are great, who wants one?
  13. Chat
    After waking up at 04:30 ive worked out what the 0 stands for " 0h my god its early "
  14. Stuff - FOR SALE
    5 1/2X15 Ansen slot mags 4 on 41/2 pcd perfect for scimitar based project £150 P.A Cresta hubcaps 5off £40 Mk 4 zody hubcaps 4off Morris banjo steering wheel £15 Tig harness complete with torch - convert your old stick welder into a Tig never used £20
  15. Chat
    :tdown: ..Well Hummer but it took a hammering and lost too... Bob.....
  16. Chat
    Hi All, As it says above. How do you change the legend under your username in the box on the left? :beuj: <------ Or is this something that just changes the more posts that are made? Cheers, Stu (feeling really thick today)
  17. Chat
    What is your top 10 fav' albums of all time ? Doesnt have to be in order, can be recent or's mine. Honky Dory - David Bowie Pornography - The Cure Quadrophinia - The Who God's own medicine - The Mission Meddle - Pink Floyd Love - The Cult Paranoid - Black Sabbath First and last...
  18. Chat
    i dont think anyone would too concerned about sending a tow truck to recover a stricken vehicle up this track.:smoke: heres the guy in trouble,not too serious eh chaps,have this one out in a jiffy:cool: hmm,got a bit of hassle now.:eek: shit,getting worse by the minute.:shock: get that...
  19. On Topic
    Thought it was about time to rewire the old girl as she is using a tired old capri loom, So I was thinking about purchasing one of the rebel wire looms. Has anybody used one if so are they easy to fit, also are they compatible with any engine. :)
  20. On Topic
    ok, what with the price of fuel these days, not to mention the ever growing pressure from the eco green lot, my question is just how fuel efficient can you make an old engine with modern technology ?? lets say you have just been out an bought a, lets say, 1970 camaro with a 454 and auto box in...
1-20 of 40 Results