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  1. Chat
    I've just been trawling the search function , hoping to find a thread on members best quarter mile times . Is there one on here ? If there isn't , I'll give you a laugh and start with mine :giggle: Santa Pod 17.04.10 16.95 secs @ 85.5 mph :sniff: 1990 Honda CRX 1.6 16v - factory standard...
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Times are hard so somethings gotta give and you've guessed it, my build. A few bits to start with 9" axle, 43" face to face, brand new case, shafts, big bearings, 9+ case, LSD diff rebuilt by Hauser's at great expense (used), 3.65 gears, £1000 Ford SVO 9" disc kit, still in the box, £300 firm...
  3. Chat
    would you get pulled over in this before you got an 'invitation' from dvla to let vosa kindly inspect it for you !! :)
  4. On Topic
    Morning, Sitting at my desk day dreaming and got to thinking about some improvements I want to make over the winter to make my old bus feel a bit quicker and get it into the low 12's. Now the obvious way is to add 'MORE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!' but I am not 100% convinced I am making the best of...
  5. Chat
    Popped into a boot-fair this morning ,on the way to Boneshakers meet , and was suprised to see NOT 1 - BUT 2 ! Rollers in the public car park ! One poor person was obviously so hard up that the whole back end was painted a different shade of blue ! :sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff:
  6. Chat
    Practice here. . . baa :D
1-6 of 6 Results