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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Hi , Selling a 9 position multi index timing chain set for a BBF 460 / 429, which I've always thought was a Ford Racing item although I can't be 100% sure as I can't seem to cross reference the numbers. Had it on the shelf for ages, from an old unfinished project. I bought it after it had done...
  2. Tech Discussion
    i just rebuilt my 78 350 sbc put it in the truck started putting every thing in went to time it got every thing lined up strated it let it warm up went to time it and the make was no where near the 12* was at the top blow water pump we have moved and changed every thing and it still goes under...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Brand new never used still in the plastic bubble wrap, Mac Tools digital timing light model TL650E £100 plus £7.50 postage. Cost new $350 or in UK £280
  4. Tech Discussion
    355ci SBC with rumpy cam of some sort and roller rockers (standard ratio). I timed it up the old school way...close enough to run and then moved the dizzy about for fastest idle. I then put the timing light on it aiming for 8* BTDC at idle and around 34* at 3000 rpm but it was nowhere near my...
  5. Tech Discussion
    I need some help from some of you experienced sbc guys. Engine is a 350 sbc with HEI dizzy. Initial timing without vacuum advanced connected is 12* BTDC. Problem is , if I leave the vacuum advance disconnected the motor seems to run fine. However as soon as I reconnect the vacuum advance line...
  6. Tech Discussion
    I actually had two hours spare earlier and managed to turn the engine, establish TDC, clean the plugs & try to get it running again, I also ran a 12V feed to the HEI rather than the ballasted 9V that it did have. It fired eventually & settled down to its usual rough/rich running with a lot of...
  7. Tech Discussion
    Can anyone shed some light on gear drives. Do they come with the pre '71 8 deg offset or the post '73 16 deg timing offset? Also, which make is best and noisy or quiet?
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    chrome chevy timing cover..............£12...........+ postage
  9. Tech Discussion
    A bit wierd this.... Trying to get the Chevy running properly. Its always been way too rich & very sluggish. If you floor it quickly from standstill it back fires through the carburettor. First step was to set the timing properly using a strobe. I painted the grooved timing point on the...
  10. Tech Discussion
    Bit of along one ( ooerr ) as the background may be relevant . We've just rebuilt totally Antons Oddfire Buick V6 . When we redid this engine it was fitted with an evenfire timing cover which has a removeable timing number bracket. The original oddfire cover has a cast in timing mark. The Pat...
  11. Tech Discussion
    Dial back timing lights ? I've been having abit of an issue on Antons T engine ( see question 2 thread ) and doing a bit of searching roun the 'net I've seen that mainly the Yanks are not fans of them saying they should only be used on electronic ignition set ups as they have an additional...
  12. Tech Discussion
    Hey People, Looking at getting a timing light and would like input on the various brands. Would like an adjustable unit but don't want to spend £100, what are people using and what's the quality like? Cheers Gotzy
  13. Tech Discussion
    bit basic but whats the best way to install a dizzy in a 302. dont something have to line up when one piston is at a certain point. setting timing using a vac gauge. reading the net some say you use it at idle but others say set it up with engine at 2000 rpm. can it be set up at idle as i...
  14. Tech Discussion
    :SHi Having a lot of trouble timing and getting my engine to perform, its a v8 60 Flathead I have just fitted a cam and twin strombergs (81,s) ignition is a Mallory electronic unit as there is no timing marks on the crank pulley i wonder if any one else has cum across this problem I intend to...
  15. Stuff - WANTED
    wtd finned ally timming cover & water pump for sbc prefered not pollished cheers guy & some old knackered 97's ,96's,94's or injection set up to go on top of a dummy blower set
1-15 of 15 Results