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    my car is a vauxhall cresta 3.3 pc deluxe,im new to this sort of car so what would you call it?.....streetrod? ratrod?.....or just a vauxhall cresta with a flame paint job????
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    Someone please help me out here, I've got a song rattling around my head that I had years ago, I can't remember who sung it & judging by my hamfisted 'Net searches, I don't know the correct title either! Here's the opening lyrics to hopefully jog someones memory. Beautilful baby with your...
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    I just found this. I wasn't really looking for it, and it probably wasn't lost. I just don't know how to post it. Shitter of he month has been done. Why? has been done. So can anybody come up with a thread title?
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    For a variety of reasons I decided to sell the Chevy, within 24 hours of EBay I had had several enquiries, one wanted to view it the same day,made arrangements & he came over with his family to view (he lives 2 hours away). After an hours looking & talking he announces that he's interested but...
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    'One-legged hen's horseback return'
1-5 of 5 Results