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    Saw this today on the South Circular (A205) on it's way to be MOT'd.
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    . . . at St. Roses School Classic car show, Stroud, Gloucestershire . . .what a lovely motor..:D
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    went to brands hatch today in the mustang,got there about 12noon,saw this comming out on a trailer............:sniff:[img]http://www.rodsnsods
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    Some nice stuff there today with quite a good turnout. The weather was off and on a bit with a couple of light showers dampening the track but nothing too bad. A fuel leak stopped the Jet Car running for a while but they managed to get it fixed later in the afternoon. It was good to see Shogun...
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    Spotted heading Northbound on the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road at around 11:30am - a white with green roof '57 Caddy Cpe and at around 4:00pm on the A35 by Totton a fleeting glimpse of a black with red wheels and looked like SBC power... anybody here ?
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    Hi All, The mrs dragged me out shopping to Peterborough today only a couple of miles up the road and i spotted this. Cheers. Russ.
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    Nice to meet some old and new face's today and here's a few blur's wot I took :incheek: Got my car a little damp on the way home :shake:
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    Had some pinstriping added to the engine bay of the sleeper today while at the AAC UK spring bash at lutterworth. They were done by Stu . Art who attends the Long Itch Butty Run. As the car has cream wheels and grill and a red pinstripe along the side i knew what colours i wanted and wanted the...
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    Where are all the sickle's going today (northbound on the A12)? loads of Harleys, Trikes etc all going somewhere today:S
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    Just a few pics for the MK1 and MK2 Consul/Zephyr/Zodiac fans. All from Buckingham today, Agreat day out and weather was spot on!!!!
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    Just thought I'd share a few photos from Malvern Lotus Day & Classic Car show. Weather was lovely all day and there was a massive turnout of Lotuses (Lotii ?) plus some other very nice vehicles on display.
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    A great location on the Quayside, but if anything a bit too popular! The huge car park was already full at luchtime, so maybe a breakfast meet is an alternative option? Rest of the photos are here...
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    If your at a loose end today and live near Croydon why not drop into Valley Park for the cruise.McDonalds ,Burger King etc,,,,, plenty of parking space.. 4.30 pm onwards .:tup:
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    My sad rod after we got there, took 3 of us about an hour to clean it up! My Favourite car there today Loads going on there, quite a bad crash, the rescue guys had to cut roll cage off car to get driver out, We heard it was a precaution for back damage. Met Si and cadged a couple of stickers...
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    and a few more here :tup:!/album.php?id=1850727880&aid=19895
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    Here're few photos from today's Butty Run. More can be found here
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    At last, after buying this truck being told a weekends work will see it done and then working on it for just over a year, with lots of blood sweat and tears, i finally drove it today on the road for its MOT. It passed :D Drove real nice to, roll on summer (well some dry days) I love it...
1-20 of 68 Results