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  1. What, Where, When ?
    Wednesday that means Dick Turpin tonight. Its on the A127 Southend bound just past Basidon turn off. 7.30 pm onwards. See you Look out for the speed cameras.
  2. Chat
    First time in 3 years,been listening to this loads lately... Coincidence? Hopefully.
  3. On Topic
    who's going up to the ace tonight ?Is it going to be worth going turnout wise or should i give it a miss? Gary
  4. Chat
    I'm So Horny...... Now dont look if your easy Offended .........:shake: Bob....:smoke:
  5. Chat
    Just wondered if it was on aint been in a while. Chris
  6. Chat
    is it just me or is the site really slow to night . waiting for adjug ? other places seem ok . si ?
  7. Chat
    9.30pm, how it's made....includes hotrod steering columns bit short notice but only just seen it.
  8. Chat
    on "how its made" how they make hotrod steering ??
  9. The Shelf
    here is some old kits i made years ago and ended up in a box , they all have been damage most bits are there , i will be listing them tonight on ebay if you want any to customize, they will be listed separately. good luck. ebay user name rawmodels.
  10. Chat
    speed week at bonneville tonight at 7 on discovery turbo channel 523
  11. What, Where, When ?
    Slick 49 live at the speakeasy bar in Epping high st tonight. It's free and there's parking outside, so get your asses down there!!!!!
  12. Chat
    Anyone from South London going....? There are 3 of us from South London leaving at around 6.30, anyone wanna join the cruise down to Essex. PM me before 6.0 if you are gonna meet up and join us. Meeting at Crayford Service Station 6.30 sharp, leaving very soon after :D
  13. On Topic
    Just wondered if anyone was going up the ace tonight for the summer riot seeing as summer seems to be well and truly over and gone ?Didnt want to waste a trip up there if people think its gonna be empty
  14. What, Where, When ?
    ....Chelsea Cruise Tonight!
  15. On Topic
    Couldnt stay late as my daughter was with me but she did insist on going to the cruise ,i left about 9pm so i missed some of you Seemed really quiet tonight i guess the weather looking ify put paid to a good night ,heres my pics...
  16. What, Where, When ?
    Ballards Gore not on tonight maybe next week.
  17. Chat
    Just a reminder it the Invicta roadster meet tonight link below :tup:
  18. Chat
    at the Prince of Wales, Shirrell Heath, a few cars turned up, some were modified, some were standard. Great atmosphere and superb location. Good to see so many of the Victory Wheelers in attendance.
  19. Chat
    best turnout ive seen, and i did'nt have my car there :sniff:
  20. Chat
    cleaning, polishing and painting a Buick finned 2 hours on one the other one to do tomorrow!!! does this make me obsessive a detail freak or just a bit daft!!!
1-20 of 26 Results