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    Got in contact with Tony Thacker, one time editor of Custom Car magazine and now works for NHRA and run the Wally Parks Museum State side I enclosed part of he's E-Mail to me as it may be of interest to a lot of you out there "I don't get back to England much. Maybe every couple of years...
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    Anybody remember this chap, a south london scrap yard dealer in the early sixties?
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    Have a good 'un guys :tup:
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    anybody no or got an email or contact for tony madden.? i swapped him my ex andy lee 33 ford last year,lost his email,would like to get in touch,he's a nice bloke
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    Pound notes and all! less engine/g-box and MSD NO trades ,cash sale only £15k :sniff: mick"the fish" smith 07780000165