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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Brand new set of Diamond 52005 Flat top forged Pistons for sale. 4.350 bore for 4.150 stroke & 6.768 rod. CR = 1.865 - uses chevy .990 pin size. Paid £580 + vat wanting £450
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  3. On Topic
    Not much of a story to this one, I read about this car show in the 'Cruise News', it said 'Best in the State'. Being synical I thought bullshit but there were loads of cars and loads of quality! I drove up to Gearhead Performance to pick up some parts and then breakfasted at the good old...
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    I'm in great need for a dash top for my wife's mk2 zodiac, anybody got one kicking around, dosen't matter what colour :tup: Cash waiting. Cheers Bob
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Brand New Technical Details Capacity: 475Ltr Huge Size: 1970L x 760W x 360H (mm) Aerodynamic design minimises noise Includes fitting kit for quick & easy fitting Product Description Designed to fit both square and oval shaped bars including both manufacturer's original equipment and...
  6. Chat
    Been on a bit of a road trip on thursday, bedford to Newcastle with a stop off on the way home in Sheffield at big jobs for a cuppa and to see me car, well that turned into a drama, came of the motorway at Sheffield rang Bry to get the kettle on, about a mile from Bry's the car felt like it was...
  7. Chat
    Top Gear is on at the moment on BBC 2, but don't despare because "LAMBING LIVE" is on after. Oh the BBC really know what people want.:shake:
  8. Chat
    Following on from the Top Gear thread I thought it would be fun in a ‘Mock the week’ kind of way to have a ‘things you would never hear a Top Gear presenter say’ thread. To get the ball rolling Clarkson ‘Yes it may have the prancing horse badge, be noisier than my ass after a vindaloo, be...
  9. Chat
    theres a buzz going round that top gear are looking for a rod ,,,, now is this a good thing or a bad thing ,,,,, this should be fun ,,,lol
  10. On Topic
    A woman spectator was killed yesterday at Firebird Raceway AZ after being struck by Antron Brown's rear wheel ... R.I.P. Another woman is in hospital with critical injuries after being struck by flying debris .
  11. Stuff - FOR SALE
    i have a 1999 black top zetec totally stripped all parts there with block painted and rover turbo inlet manifold with red injectors capable off up to 300 bhp fitted with an adapter plate for zetec head now surplus to requirements any questions call or text 07519117112
  12. On Topic
    chopped capri and mg magnette -pop
  13. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Not really Rod related but here goes....... I have just bought a Mazda B2200 pick up for work and its fitted with a rather good nick Truckman top that i'm not gonna be using. I assume it'll go straight onto a single cab hilux,P100,Brava,Navara etc etc etc....but you might wanna check on it...
  14. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Every thing you want to know on Two Lane Black Top Just in case you ant seen it ….. James Taylor back in the seat…….. Click Here >>> Bob….:tup:
  15. Chat
    I'm sure you'll all have sussed this by now but if you scroll the page down so the ad disappears off the top of you screen they don't show on top of the images .
  16. Stuff - WANTED
    Just as the title says really, wanted in GWO. Only the red top pump will do. it looks like this: Thanks for looking.
  17. Chat
    Seasick Steve is the star in a reasonably priced car next on next Sundays Top Gear! It might help boost my frequent disappointment with the recent series. :)
  18. Chat
    Just watched Top Gear(I know you all hate it but it makes me laugh) and there was a guy on there who drew a Lincoln in Brooklyn from memory. I think his name was Stephen Middleton? Was this the guy who as a young lad was on TV with you many years back drawing from memory?
  19. Chat
    What is your top 10 fav' albums of all time ? Doesnt have to be in order, can be recent or's mine. Honky Dory - David Bowie Pornography - The Cure Quadrophinia - The Who God's own medicine - The Mission Meddle - Pink Floyd Love - The Cult Paranoid - Black Sabbath First and last...
  20. Tech Discussion
    Ive been going Drag Racing for far too many years to remember, Top Fuel, For years the power output has been banded about from 5000hp, and slowly crept up to 8000hp, and the governing bodies have made efforts to control this by restricting capacity, types of supercharging and gear ratios. and...
1-20 of 42 Results