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  1. On Topic
    I have been given permission by the owner of a certain Funfair, to take pictures of their classic vehicles, to be shown here. My question is, where should they be showcased?
  2. Chat
    is it just me but i keep seeing posts scattered about and often miss stuff as its in "the wrong?" section. ill probably get battered for this but.......;) also keep seeing "sorry off topic" when not rod related?..:beuj: sorry to pick a fault.... :whistle:
  3. Tech Discussion
    ...feel free to delete if deemed to unsuitable. Peugeot XUD diesel engines.Would an originally non turbo variant be happy having the turbo and fuel pump from the (obviously)turb`d motor bolted on?Is it up to spec internally to handle the extra boost?Or are they the same anyway? Thanks in...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Any BMW mechanics/electricians out there? I have a BMW 525i on an 02 that has a faulty alarm - emergency flashers go on, alarm sounds intermittently. At present just lock on key. Have been told alarm is integral to ECU - anyone out there can fix it or give advice? Am in SE London and would be...
  5. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    ford fiesta tdci 03 mint condition, 48000miles, 12 mounth,s t&t,the wifes car, mid life crisis in full swing,bought a slk, toy boy may be needed, see how i shape up keep an eye on wanted ads! genuine ad email or fone steve 07850 394480:D
1-5 of 5 Results