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    I was thinking of buying an A frame to tow with, but went online found most at half price thought great cheaper than a trailer plus no where to keep it anyway. Have i mist something as i was told that A frame towing has now been banned in Europe and Insurance companies wont cover this. Does...
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    As title, if the towed car has also a number plate board with lights from the the vehicle doing the towing, does this mean no tax mot etc is needed ? thanks
  3. Tech Discussion
    My daily driver is a 2006 VW Passat 2.0 TDi estate. It has a towbar fitted with twin (12N/12S) electrics for towing a caravan. I fitted the towbar but had a towbar fitter do the electrics due to the low-current wiring requiring a special relay & probably a whole host of other wizardry that I...
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    If I tow my car with an A-frame for a long distance, am I liable to bugger up my diff or wear it out as the ring gear will be turning the pinion rather than the other way round? I suppose that the wear could occurr on the heel of the teeth, but would I be OK?
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    anyone tow a trailer with a standard pop? will it pull a light trailer?
1-6 of 6 Results