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  1. Chat
    Formerly the Riverside cruise, back again at Toys R Us / McDonalds, J2 M5. First Tuesday of the month ~8pm. Was very quiet last month, but has been fair sized in the past. So come along and lets grow it again. James
  2. What, Where, When ?!v=nw4N3oD9upQ Worth a watch. .
  3. The Garage
    new on here and just wnted to show our projects to all
  4. Vehicles - WANTED
    hi everyone hotrodrick here , i collect and buy all old toys from 40s to 80s diecast cars corgi, dinky, matchbox etc , action man , tin toys , trains, scalextrics, etc etc, if you have any sitting in boxes in that loft and need moneys for that real car sitting in the garage let me know , you can...
  5. The Showroom
    My Van, hope to get it roaded for Hotrod n Hills how the Van was in the 80's my 107E, unfortunatly came to me without the running gear in the picture but the parts bins are filling up so watch this space. My sprint car which I bought for the eng etc, SBC approx 450BHP its mental (I...
  6. The Showroom
    Hope this works, coz I'm really crap with computers. If not, then I'll try later, I'm ready for bed now :-)
  7. The Garage
    First off is a 100e, only been on it 7 years. 2.1 Pinto 5 speed and Escort axle. i have a Thames 400e panel van, it came to me with a Rover in the back, that got ripped out and I have a Buick 5.7 and TH400 to go in, when I get 5 minutes. Bodywork is dire, gutters removed and re-welded by a YTS...
1-7 of 7 Results