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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    I'm after a fully working good condition th400 (chevy bolt pattern) and Converter for a project of mine if anyone has one kicking around surplus to requirements? Cheers John.
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi there, as it says above, I need a 3 speed manual transmission for a 1965 6 cylinder Mustang or internal parts. In particular I need a cluster gear and 2nd gear. The trans has a top cover held on with 4 bolts. Cluster gear 33-27-19-14 and a 2nd gear with 24 teeth. This trans has...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Hi all This is the gearbox I took out of my V8 Capri build. It would not drive in forward gears, but felt ok in reverse. Seemed to be slipping a lot. I've since installed a replacement transmission. This is the core Borg Warner Type 65 transmission (believed to be from an SD1). It has a...
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    FOR SALE ULTIMATE SHORTY POWERGLIDE FROM MIKES TRANSMISSION Brand New Just arrived from the states. Designed and built for cars up to 900 horsepower. This highly modified unit is designed and built with the same quality and attention to detail as all of Mike's units. This transmission...
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    Does anyone out there have a transmission dipstick for a 1997 Mustang,3.8 L V6.....i lost mine when i checked the tranny fluid last week who's a dipstick,lol,anyway,please contact! cheers, Daz 07931 688207 [email protected]
  6. Tech Discussion
    Hi, i have a 1956 Ford F100 truck with a 1976 Ford 302 and C4 from a passenger car. My 1976 C4 has a serious oil leak and as it keeps on hunting between 2nd and 3rd doing rough changes at 30mph; it's time for a rebuild. I have recently bought a second old C4 off ebay (from essex) and am going...
  7. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    ... Are all for sale, still. Call me on 07974750770 Box runs as sweet as you like, no slipping gears, good gear changes, everything you want. Cheers.
  8. On Topic
    Ready for a bit of a mental mechanical challenge? Try your hand at understanding how the D-Drive works. Steve Durnin's ingenious new gearbox design is infinitely variable - that is, with your motor running at a constant speed, the D-Drive transmission can smoothly transition from top gear all...
  9. On Topic
    What do we gear-twiddlers all think of this? Bangshift Approved: The McLeod M-800 5-Speed Transmission By Brian Lohnes Posted 11/06/09 One of our favorite parts of the 2009 SEMA show is McLeod's brand-new M-800 five-speed manual transmission. This thing has survived 800 ft/lbs of torque and...
  10. Tech Discussion
    You are the man to ask.:lol: Is there good and bad auto box fluid? What is the best? DC
  11. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    [SOLD! B]Chevy T-56 transmission out'a a Vette... i believe...... low miles complete price 900 . Regards Daryl[/B]
  12. On Topic
    Does anyone know of any places over here that sell them ? Or does anyone on here regularly import stuff that could put one in with an order for me ??
  13. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    For sale i have a borg warner T5 tranny out of a 1988 mustang GT. Price 350 Cheers! Daryl
1-13 of 13 Results