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  1. On Topic
    Right then dug the Camaro out of storage,done a few checks,hopefully now ready to roll down to The Ace Cafe,boxing day bash,sould be better than sat in front of the telly !,we'll be takin some pic's to put up here,and if anyone fancy's joining in shout up,were meeting a 32,roadster along the way,Bry
  2. The Shelf
    Picked these up at our local Sainsburys yesterday.......
  3. Chat
    ok, not rod related, not in a mini either but well worth a look......... i love the way the iam guy flashes his lights then blasts his horn at the guy he want to overtake - you'd get stabbed for that these days :D
  4. On Topic
    Hi guys a few pics are here if you wanna have a look !
  5. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Few more Photos of The Trips to Sweden I said before never a meet a bad person there. When they saw my 55 and Dave's 56 outside our Hut they kept popping around these are a few of them their home and cars which were being restored and a night on the town......... I think there a bit for...
  6. Chat
    Been invited to this there should be a Union Jack on the page that will translate to english basically it's a posh car do at the Circuit De Reims...pre war cars get in for nowt and get 2x 20 mins slots on the track on both Sat and 4 chances to thrash round...
  7. On Topic
    A few of us near Wisbech are going on a road trip starting June 25th to the Nurburgring , passing thro' France, Begium, Germany and returning home on the 30th. (about 1200 miles ) I have tickets for 2 people in the 1st and 2nd hotels and ferry crossings for sale if anyone wishes to join us. All...
  8. Chat
    OK , after posting this in the wrong place (Frosty)... I bet there are some real good stories to be told about a good road trip. A group of like minded people driving to a race , rod run , running out of fuel , breaking down ,etc etc Could be here , europe , states ??? There must be...
1-8 of 8 Results