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    See these folks and it'll all be gravy.:D I'm pretty sure it's from Viz magazine..
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    Hi folks The auto box on my 27T has just given up on me! BW65 A couple of clanging noises and then no drive in any gear (or park) Looks like a rebuild/replacement Any ideas on who to go to (I'm in Loughborough leicestershire) Regards Ian
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    I was driving home and from the time I pulled away the auto box would not shift beyond 2nd gear. Then after about 5 minutes it shifted to 3rd and was fine for the rest of the drive. I had this happen about 6 months ago also. Any thoughts????
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    i dont think anyone would too concerned about sending a tow truck to recover a stricken vehicle up this track.:smoke: heres the guy in trouble,not too serious eh chaps,have this one out in a jiffy:cool: hmm,got a bit of hassle now.:eek: shit,getting worse by the minute.:shock: get that...
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1-6 of 6 Results